10 Shocking Photo bombs We Never Saw Coming

Everyone loves a good photobomb, even animals and celebrities!

Because some of the best photobombs and videobombs are not planned and happen on the spur of the moment, it’s easy to see why there is unlimited potential to FAIL during your average photobombing. One misplaced limb, one drunk friend, one perfectly timed action shot… that’s all it takes to royally screw up your photo, with hilarious results. Check out 18 totally unexpected photobombs that are so wrong, they’re actually right!

1. Love Is In The Air

“Invite Aunt Becky and her new boyfriend,” they said. “It’ll be fine,” they said.

Get a room, you two! Seriously.

2. The “That’s Not A Foot” Guy

Well, this is awkward. One misplaced foot and suddenly it looks like this guy’s junk is hanging out.


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