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12 Times Celebrities Got Their Photos Photoshopped To Look Less Muscular



This Pop Queen has defied aging with the help of high-intensity workout coupled with highly nutritious diet. However, clearly her strength training results weren’t a thing to be proud of according to Dolce and Gabbana, a leading fashion name that made an ad with the Queen of Pop.

In this picture, we can see how their editors smoothened out the muscular tone of Madonna’s arms, while also removing the vascularity.

Demi Moore

Demi Moore has made the headlines for all the wrong reasons many times in the past. From her nude pregnancy posters for the Vanity Fair magazine to epic Photoshop fail when her hip was removed from W magazine cover, she’s faced it all before.

This time, her chest and collar bones have been removed for a cosmetics campaign she did for Helen Rubenstein. The only explanation people close to her came out with was that after her breakup with Ashton Kutcher, she ended up losing a lot of weight that made her look way too skinny.

Sarah Jessica Parker

People are always fascinated with the fashion sense of this Sex and the City star. The actress has transformed herself and looks more athletic now, but it seems those muscles aren’t really nice for the magazines, after all.

For a recent Elle magazine cover, the editors used Photoshop to remove the arm definition the actress has and made them look smoother.

Kelly Ripa

A talk show host and someone who has twice featured on the cover of SHAPE, even she wasn’t immune to airbrushing, it seems.

In a bikini shoot for Fitness, much of her muscle definition was removed and her body was made to look smooth. If that wasn’t enough, they even changed her bellybutton!