20 People Caught Taking Ridiculous Selfies

Yeah, yeah; I get it. Everybody loves taking selfies. But did you ever stop to think about what that duck-lipped selfie face looks like to the casual observer? Believe it or not, when you’re out in public getting your self-portrait on, other people think you look downright silly. Those people are also well within their rights to take a picture of you snapping your selfie so that they can make fun of you on the internet.

1. This woman at the park

Why did she decide that this was the appropriate angle to capture her day off in the park? Is this double chin angle shot through her shins really flattering?

2. This Disappointed Father

This poor dad is clearly wondering where he went wrong…. Let’s just hope his kid outgrows this phase, STAT.

3. This guy taking selfies on the train

This one is kind of sad. What’s the goal here, to make it look like you have friends on the train?

4. This girl taking her own birthday selfie

This girl seems to have reached an infinite level of “Forever Alone,” but in actuality she was snapping selfies of herself receiving her birthday cake while her family was sitting there, also taking pictures of her.

Why, girl? Whyyyy?


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