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20 People Caught Taking Ridiculous Selfies


8. This girl wearing a sombrero

Okay, so you’ve got yourself a cute hat and you feel like taking a selfie. Fine. How about doing it in private, though, instead of in the middle of study hall?

9. This Girl Whose Mom Is Concerned

“That’s it; you’re so grounded, young lady! I don’t know for what, but I’ll think of something.”

10. This very subtle beach selfie

Some people really do let it all hang out at the beach, but I’m still not sure why she thought this particular angle was the least bit flattering.

We’d have to examine the resulting selfie to be sure, though. For science.

11. This girl eating a banana

What? She’s clearly just enjoying her mid-morning snack at work and decided to take a picture of herself eating a big, ripe banana. A big, ripe, phallic banana. At work. As one does.



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