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20 People Caught Taking Ridiculous Selfies


15. This Mother Who Doesn’t “Get” Mirror Selfies

Don’t worry, Mom. We don’t really understand the mirror selfie trend either.

16. This Girl Trying (Too Hard) To Be Cool

Nothing says, “Gangsta chick” like a photobomber who’s saying it all with his face.

17. Bae Caught Me Slippin’

Here’s a classic example of the “bae caught me sleeping” images that lead to a very popular photo fad on the internet. This is what happens when someone claims that their (possibly imaginary) significant other/bae took a pic of them while they were sleeping. If it weren’t for that mirror that busted them, we’d never have known they looked ridiculous.

Or would we?

Check out more people who were “caught sleeping” by their “baes.”



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