15 “Who Wore It Better” Photos That Will Make You Laugh

1 Who wore it better? pinterest   2 Peter Griffin Or Rihanna? homesonthenet 3 Justin Bieber or a Panini? dailymail 4 Kendall Jenner Or This Ripped Seat? imgur 5 The Lady Or the Cock? pinterest 6 Kim Kardashian or a sack of onions? HistoryInPix 7 Lil Wayne or Gremlin With 3D Glasses? imgur 8 The Popsicle! pinterest 9 Definitely the zebra wore it better! … Read more

25 Photos Of Animals That Were Perfectly Taken

Following are some of the most hilarious and perfectly timed photos of animals which are bound to make you laugh out loud.  The pictures contain rare scenarios, which we are thankful to the photographer for capturing them! Enjoy the compiled list below and don’t forget to share with all the animal lovers you know! 1. … Read more