10 Obvious Reasons Why Guys Like Short Girls

1. Guys Feel More Powerful In The Relationship   How we behave in a relationship is largely connected and determined by our psychological needs. Frequently, a man unconsciously desires to feel more dominant in his relationship. Actions as simple as towering over his girlfriend or even choosing a relationship by height is a way to … Read more

7 Celebrities Who Refused to Kiss Their Costars on Camera

Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen

Paramount Pictures Even if two actors appear to have amazing chemistry on screen, that doesn’t mean their off-screen relations are quite as friendly. For some celebrities, the thought of kissing their romantic counterpart is absolutely revolting. So revolting, in fact, that they refuse to do it. Actors are still real people and there are plenty … Read more

11 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Donald Trump

Donald Trump speaks to a crowd of his supporters during the campaign trail

1. Trump makes money from just selling his name Part of the reason Trump’s estimations of his wealth vary so much from Fortune and other publications is because he adds a few zeros based on his “brand.” To varying degrees of success, he puts his name on mortgage companies, magazines, vodka, steaks, real estate companies, … Read more

10 Parents Who Expertly Trolled Their Kids

Behind every funny person, there’s at least one parental figure who had a decent sense of humor. Take a look at 10 hilarious moms and dads who have perfected the art of trolling their offspring! 1. Ready To Pick Up The Kids! This mom slipped into the weirdest (but arguably funniest) swimsuit of 2017 for … Read more

20 People Caught Taking Ridiculous Selfies

Yeah, yeah; I get it. Everybody loves taking selfies. But did you ever stop to think about what that duck-lipped selfie face looks like to the casual observer? Believe it or not, when you’re out in public getting your self-portrait on, other people think you look downright silly. Those people are also well within their … Read more

10 Shocking Photo bombs We Never Saw Coming

Everyone loves a good photobomb, even animals and celebrities! Because some of the best photobombs and videobombs are not planned and happen on the spur of the moment, it’s easy to see why there is unlimited potential to FAIL during your average photobombing. One misplaced limb, one drunk friend, one perfectly timed action shot… that’s … Read more

45 Amazing Photos Taken at the Perfect Moment!

Most Unexpected Perfectly Timed Photos

It’s been seen that, every now and then, with all the photography devices around, someone captures a truly amazing once-in-a-lifetime photo. There is no perfected strategy for taking a perfect shot, sometimes you just have to be in the right place at the right time… and have a camera ready to shoot. That’s it! There’s … Read more

Top 10 Hottest Celebrity Selfies

Celebrities are the famous people. Mostly everybody knows about them as they are quite always in the spotlight. Many of us follow them on almost every social networking to check out their daily updates. We are always glad to see their new picture updates Following are the ten hottest celebrity selfies