10 Things that Attracts Girls to Guys

Dudes, listen up! Girls are delicate in a way! In the aspect of love, girls take extra strategy to fall for a guy. However, girls are usually moved by words. Unfortunately, most guys think the only thing that’s capable of winning a girl’s love is “money”, and that’s very untrue. As a matter of fact, wealth can only buy you a woman’s attention, not her love. There are weird things that attract girls to certain guys. If you are looking for the most effective way to get a lady falling helplessly in love with you, you are here!
The following are the 10 things girls find irresistible in guys:

A guy who doesn’t take life too seriously appears attractive in that, humour is an admired and cherished attribute in guys. It’s really boring to sit with a guy for an hour or two and there are no jokes or comic scenes in between discussions. A humongous sense of humour appeals to a girl’s heart.Also,guys who are good with jokes tend to have more female friends.Of course,everyone loves being happy,so who wouldn’t be attracted to the one who brings out this laughter and ectasy in you?Being funny doesn’t mean cracking jokes that’s more like a cliche or an already known joke that’s not likely to pull any fun.Being funny is actually being yourself,reacting to funny situations excitedly rather than being impassive and unmoved.Every girl loves a funny guy.

You don’t have to be the the chef of that famous restaurant in China before you can give your girlfriend a nice breakfast/lunch.Girls love guys that express interest in cooking,it’s simply amazing when a guy prepares something edible and says “does it taste good”? A reasonable girl would feel humbled and really attracted to you even when the meal is an embodiment of error.*lol*.Seriously,a gesture of care is just all that matters.Go ahead and give her breakfast in bed,but do not serve a main course meal in bed.Desserts are just appropriate,Ladies admire the kitchen guys!!


Girls really find these type of guys attractive.Although not everyone likes to be sketched,but it’s actually very romantic to ladies.Doing this to a girl makes her feel special and honoured,she’ll gradually become attracted to you especially when the art work is really professional and identical.You can’t imagine the feeling of ectasy that goes on in the mind of a girl drawn by a guy..! It’s weird but effective.


Most girls if not all prefer to be at the front of a guy playing with those guitar strings than in a classroom writing an exam.A guy who sings well has a great advantage.Music appeals to the ears,the soul,the mind,the body.Singing for a girl is a romantic and most beautiful thing a guy can do..(a guy with a good voice).However,singing is not the only musical thing girls find attractive in guys.Dexterity or skill in playing musical instruments is attractive.Seeing a guy stroke those guitar strings with so much ardour or a keyboardist professionally play the keyboard is so eye-catching.


The unarguable fact is that intelligent people are the most admired in any academic gathering.To girls,every intelligent guy is a handsome guy.Ladies just love guys with focus,guys with proper tenses,guys who are figurative and innovative.An intelligent guy would normally have fleets of girls flocking around him,it’s really captivating.Intelligence makes a girl blinded to a guy’s looks actually,especially when the guy in question contributes positively to the lady’s academics.An excellent and outstanding intelligent quotient is an admired attribute any girl would admire in a guy.Infact,It’s enough to trigger love.Seeing how much a guy studies convinces a lady that such a guy is smart and problem-solving.However,I am not saying unintelligent guys have no chances with being attractive to a girl,there are so many ways to look smart and brilliant.Some of which are;talking less and reasonably,studying,making friends with intelligent guys,dressing smart e.t.c. Work on your intelligence and start counting the number of girls begging for your acquaintance.


Confidence is the most sexy attribute a guy can ever have.Even when a guy is not buoyant or good looking and he’s confident of himself,he has done a lot already! Lack of confidence turns off a lady.For instance,when you stand to express your feelings for a girl and you practically make an obvious move by saying”hello miss,please…just a second”.She might be kind enough to stop and listen and then you just lose confidence and start shivering while stuttering words like a kid saying”I….I….I….em…” Nah nah nah! That’s just not it.Lack of confidence makes you feel other people are better than you are(inferiority complex)ladies are attracted to guys who compose themselves and appear relaxed and certain!

A well trimmed body attracts.A guy who constantly works out to stay fit and healthy is likely to attract more ladies than that guy with a baggy tummy who practically eats every hour.A manly body build with muscles keeps you feeling strong and healthy with a lot of self confidence.

It is always good to love your self wholeheartedly before you crave for the love of another.Genuine love for yourself as a guy makes you enjoy yourself to the fullest.You’ll be living life with no complain and grudge,you’ll not blame yourself too much for petty issues.You’ll never compare yourself to others if you truly love yourself,you’ll make the best out of everything you do,you’ll be totally attractive when you do this.


Trust me,when you avoid those colour riots and appear your best you’ll really be getting attention.A properly dressed guy is admired greatly by the ladies, that well-ironed suit and the well-polished shoe is just sexy and inviting!


A cool and irresistible fragrance feels warm and exciting to a lady. It’s just like the scent of a rose flower or lavender. Guys with proper hygiene and sweet scents appeal to ladies. A choking and repugnant smell turns a girl off. Also, a good smell brings this feeling of warmth to the atmosphere and spices it up. Do not wear harsh perfumes ever. Instead, get a cool one that keeps you totally irresistible!

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