10 Things You Must Avoid That Kills Relationship

Relationships built on mistrust can be very fragile and easily broken. Even so, a relationship that has over the years gone smoothly and problem-free are still not guaranteed to work if one of the partners does some or all of these 10 things below. However, trust takes time to build, once broken it’s really difficult to retain. Sincerely speaking, once you’ve given someone a reason to mistrust you, it’s sad to say you might not be trusted again by that person 100%. That’s why you should jettison all acts that reduce the trust your partner or spouse has in you. The following are some of the things that’s very capable of reducing trust; read on!



This slowly kills relationships, alters the level of trust and eventually breaks up the relationship you have with your partner. In fact, when you constantly hide to do various things like making calls, sending text messages, chatting, you are giving your partner a reason to suspect you. It’s likely that when you started your relationship you weren’t a taciturn and reticent person, suddenly you become reserved in words, not willing to share issues, always saying “I’m fine” wherein the actual sense you ain’t fine, it really rips that trust your partner has in you. So stop it with the secrets. You should not keep secrets from the one you love, no matter what. In the end, it leads to nothing but catastrophe and hurts.


Telling lies to your partner is not an ideal thing to do if you don’t want them getting hurt. Be truthful, always say the right thing. Initially, a lie might soothe an ache, but subsequently, when your partner finds out, you kill the trust they have in you. Over time, they start seeing you as someone who never tells the truth and the day you tend to say the truth, it appears as a lie to your partner, so the convenient thing is always being truthful on issues affecting your relationship.



Romance is an integral aspect of a relationship, once taken away, has negative effects on that partner who might be a victim. When you constantly snap at your partner at every move they take towards romancing you, you basically give such a partner a reason to mistrust you. It’s a warning sign that either of them is a cheat. Do not incessantly complain of fatigue to your partner. In all, learn to be responsive to each other’s needs so as to clear all doubts and mistrust.



Complaining on daily basis is just simply annoying. Apart from the fact that it puts either partner off, it simply causes trust issues in a relationship. You keep your partner wondering about your fidelity. So stop nagging and putting blames on each other. Instead, settle your differences and move on.No one is a saint.


Oh yes! When last did you give a call to that person you claim to love? Communication is what keeps a relationship going, communication is to a relationship what fuel is to a car. So why should you alter your communication with your partner? as often as possible try to keep in touch. Not keeping in touch with your partner leads to misunderstandings which eventually leads to mistrust. If you no longer get in touch with your partner, you give him or her the impression that you don’t have them in mind which leads to doubts and uncertainty in relationships causing trust problems.


Holding your phone always and preventing your partner from handling it gives an impression of mistrust. Even at night, you keep your phone beneath a pillow, at dawn, you take it practically with you to the bathroom. You become extra conscious of calls and pings entering your phone..come on! You are giving your partner a reason to suspect you, and you are killing trust.



You promise him/her you gonna get a ticket for you two to see a movie. All of a sudden, you come up with a flimsy excuse to jettison the already planned outing, it just annoys and reduces trust level. Promises should not be made if you can’t fulfil them. Don’t raise the hope of your partner and crumble it in a twinkle of an eye. Breaking a promise cannot only be hurting but also devastating and harmful. Incessantly breaking your promises, kills trust.


No matter how we look at it, cheating on someone once kills trust immediately. Even though you were accepted back the trust can never be whole again. Every day of your relationship your partner would struggle to bring back the trust he or she once had in you, but it’s nearly impossible to get that same trust back. Betraying someone you love most times leaves a stigma of hatred on the victim. They might never trust you again because trust is like paper, once crumbled it can never really become perfect again. Cheating on your partner kills trust to the fullest.



Arrogance as a concept creates doubts and doubts kills trust. There are people who believe they are infallible and as such, they do not make mistakes. Such people refuse corrections by their partners or might even get raged by an attempt to correct them. These kinds of people are more likely to suffer trust issues. Pride is the reason you do not feel remorseful after offending your partner and so you cause them to mistrust you and say hurtful words. Arrogance can kill trust in numerous ways, it’s best to avoid it.



When you no longer see the need to make time for your partner, you are always busy all round the clock, then you are killing trust. And gradually, you two just become distant from each other, with time, you’ll realize you do not even understand yourselves anymore.

Constantly seeking to be left alone instigates fear and doubt in the mind of your partner and eventually kills that trust you’ve taken time to build and nurture.

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