Top 10 Amazing Scholarships to Study in Any Place In The World

1. Wells Mountain Foundation Scholarships for Developing Countries

The Wells Mountain Foundation, a public nonprofit foundation based in Bristol, Vermont, USA, finances empowerment through education grants for individuals in developing countries or other situations of extreme poverty. You can study at a university of your choice in your home country or in another developing country. The average scholarship amount is $1400, which can be used for tuition fees, books and materials, and other approved expenses.

2. EdX Free Online Courses at Premier Universities

edX is a learning platform that offers students from all countries the opportunity to attend free online courses offered by three leading universities in the USA – Harvard, MIT and UC Berkeley, as well as other leading universities. Online learners can earn a certificate of completion upon completion of the course. The course is available to anyone in the world, regardless of population structure, who has access to a computer with Internet access.