What Really Turns On Women According To Her Zodiac Sign

Ever wondered what turns on the women you are talking to? Of course, you have! Every guy does! All you need to know what turns on women just depends on what her zodiac sign is.  If you believe in zodiac sign and astrology you already know that the zodiac sign says a lot about one’s personality and behavior. Right from what type of career you would be best at to how you conduct yourself in relationships and even what type of person you are in bed to what turns you on.

So the next time why not ask for her zodiac sign instead of using that cheesy pickup line and you’ll know what turns her on!


Aquarius women are very passionate and spontaneous so it’s difficult to know what’s going to happen when you are with one. They’re very open to new experiences and like experimenting.



Aries tend to be more energetic, bold and open to new things, especially high adrenaline experiences.  They like it rough that includes spanking and even some butt stuff.



This sign craves for sensuality and romance while getting intimate so burning some scented candles would be a good idea. Food is also a great turn on for them so why not try some chocolates, whipped cream or maybe some strawberries.


Gemini’s are known to be motor-mouths, so prepare yourself for a lot of talking during an affair. But if you take it positively- this means that they can talk dirty and who doesn’t like to talk dirty while having an affair. They also love to switch positions and like that rough affair that leaves both of you exhausted.


They are the most emotional sign of all so it can be both good and bad for you. Good because they can get turned on when they feel the love and bad because she may cry during an affair Despite the emotional side, Cancers love romance, sensual touching, and even some role-playing.


A Leo always loves a lot of attention and gets turned off if it’s not given to them. A Leo woman loves animalistic affair, biting, hair pulling, scratching, and a lot of teasing. They like to do it outside like on a beach or in the field.


No, don’t get fooled by the name boys! Virgo- the Virgin isn’t a shy little virgin at all! Virgo women like being submissive with super s3xy role-play and blindfolds.



This sign is believed to be sophisticated and loves the finer things in life. Envelop your woman in luxury like taking her to a 5-star hotel, open a bottle of champagne, and whisper some incredibly s3xy quotes and things in her ear before making love to her.


Scorpios are notorious for being heartless sociopaths. But they are really good in bed only if you can pass and gain their trust. The one thing that can turn a Scorpio is a mystery! It can be anything from masks in the bedroom, to semi-public affair. And I being a Scorpio know that dark, mysterious affair not only sounds really hot but it actually is!


They are the god of seduction so you know it already; you are going to have an amazing time. A Sagittarius woman doesn’t want to get into a serious one, so her love affairs are generally short.  But still, even if it’s short, it’s going to be hot!



Capricorns are dominant people, and they aim to please their partner in any way possible. Though it takes a little time for them to get into the act and warm up but then it’s all worth it. They also like freaky stuff like spanking, choking with older people!